Our popular CALM injection is perfect for Anxiety, Muscle Tension and Migraines.  It also promotes more restful sleep and overall well-being..

The CALM injection includes the mineral magnesium and the amino acids gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), taurine and theanine.

Anxiety, High Stress Levels, and Mood Instability

Low levels of magnesium have been associated with anxiety and an inability to manage stress in a healthy manner. In fact, magnesium plays a critical role in regulating the “fight-or-flight” or stress response. Because it helps to restore optimal magnesium levels, the CALM Injection helps to reduce anxiety and promote a more positive outlook.


The GABA in the CALM Injection is beneficial in cases of anxiety because it blocks signals within the nervous system that are associated with anxiety, stress, and fear. The theanine in the injection helps reduce stress and anxiety by enhancing alpha brain wave activity and both theanine and taurine work to enhance GABA’s effects within your body.


GABA and the amino acids that enhance its effects are beneficial in addressing mood instability because GABA increases dopamine and serotonin levels within the brain. This leads to an improved sense of wellbeing and a more positive, well-balanced mood.


Insomnia and Poor Relaxation

This therapy also helps to address insomnia and promote relaxation and restful sleep. Because of magnesium’s role in regulating your internal clock and in increasing GABA within your body, it helps to promote deep, restorative, high-quality sleep. It also may help reduce your likelihood of falling asleep in the daytime.


Taurine helps to modulate your internal clock and it helps support cognition, learning, and memory. Taurine and theanine both promote relaxation and healthy sleep by boosting GABA levels and/or by promoting GABA’s effects within the brain.



People who suffer from migraines tend to have lower levels of taurine in their plasma and cerebrospinal fluid. The lower their taurine levels are, the more severe the migraines tend to be. This is one of the reasons why the CALM Injection is so beneficial in reducing migraines and migraine-related symptoms. Migraines have also been associated with magnesium deficiency, and magnesium has been demonstrated to help reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines.


Musculoskeletal Problems

Muscle twitching, tremors, spasms, and/or cramps can be signs of magnesium deficiency. The CALM Injection is beneficial in addressing these concerns partially because it helps to restore optimal magnesium levels within the body.


Additionally, taurine plays a critical role in controlling muscle metabolism and is beneficial in addressing a variety of skeletal muscle disorders. Many musculoskeletal disorders, including muscle atrophy from lack of use, age-related muscle deterioration, and muscular dystrophy, have been associated with low taurine levels. The amino acid has been demonstrated to help reduce muscle cramps in some people, including people with chronic liver disease.


GABA blocks stress-related signals that trigger muscle spasms and serves as a muscle relaxant within the body. It is also beneficial in addressing pain, particularly in cases where the nerves are injured, such as in neuropathic pain.



If you had an allergy to any of the ingredients, CALM would not be safe for you. 

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