Perfect for patients struggling with finding the right medication for their depression 

Many patients are prescribed prescriptions for depression. Sometimes these prescriptions fail or have intolerable sided effects. GeneSight is a test that looks at your DNA. It analyzes how your DNA might be affecting your response to certain depression medications.

The results of your GeneSight test can help your provider determine the best and most effective medication for you. It can also identify medications that you should not take.

GeneSight believes all patients should be able to effectively treat their depression. For that reason alone they work with you and most insurances to make sure you can afford testing. Visit their website at for more information on how they do this.

To be tested an order is required. We are surprised at how many providers do not offer this test. Because of this The Injection and Infusion Clinic offers the GeneSight testing. We charge a $99 fee to order the test. This fee covers obtaining the necessary information needed to order the test, collecting and processing your sample, and delivering results. Once you have received your results from us you can then bring them to your provider. The cost of the lab is not included.




  1. Patient completes our GeneSight History Form. New patients will also complete a Clinic Intake Form.

  2. One of our Nurse Practitioners will review your History Form. If it appears you qualify the test will be ordered.




  1. Patient Signs Consent and GeneSight Billing Form.

  2. Swab Sample is Collected

  3. Payment collected for clinic fee. 



  1. Results are received and reviewed by one of our Nurse Practitioners.  The Nurse Practitioners reviews your current medications and identifies medications/gene interactions.

  2. Results are emailed to the patient along with the Nurse Practitioners comments.

Note: This test is being offered as a convenience. This service does not include consultation with a provider.



If you or someone you know is interested in doing GeneSight testing, please call our office at 505-445-4300 or email to get started.

8400 Osuna Road NE Suite 5C

Albuquerque, NM 87111


Fax: 505-800-5030 


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