Ketamine Assisted psychotherapy

The phenomenal therapeutic effects of ketamine combined with ketamine assisted psychotherapy, yield even greater results.  Studies of ketamine specific assisted psychotherapy is limited.  However, results with other compounds like MDMA, LSD and psilocybin have been very promising.  The most exciting study available is Mithoefer's 2013 landmark follow-up study that suggests that the benefits of assisted psychotherapy can last for years after the initial course.


Adding psychotherapy, allows the client to gain insight in and through the ketamine experience.  The goal is to address thought processes that are holding you back and develop new, healthier ones.  Ketamine infusions ease the access to emotions.  A KAP session can aid you in releasing pain, fear and grief and create space for love, joy and connection. 

The Injection and Infusion Clinic of ABQ is excited to be working with Amy Finlayson, MA, LPCC to provide Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy.  Amy is a graduate of the Southwestern College of Santa Fe and has a Masters in Counseling.  She is a "transformation psychotherapist" and uses multiple modalities of healing through alternate states of consciousness.  She has studied everything from Amazonian Peruvian shamanism to the native traditions of the Southwest.  Her unique combination of clinical training and twenty years working in shamanism makes her a perfect guide through your sacred journey. 


The ketamine experience can be overwhelming, pleasant, confusing and/or TRANSFORMATIONAL. 

Many of our patients describe their experience as "Wow. Um. Wow."  It sounds silly, but there really are no words.


The goal of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy is to retain the gifts received in the higher realms and assimilate them into your daily life.  This experience can assist you in making authentic changes in your patterns and your way of being.

the process

Where You Are Is Where You Start!


Just schedule your infusion and ask for Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy.  If you want to have a session with Amy beforehand, we can get you connected.  She charges $100 per session.


Prior to your infusion, you will meet with Amy and briefly discuss where you are and where you want to go.


During your infusion.  This is a period of dissociation and it is highly recommended to let go.  Staying grounded by talking to the staff or the therapist, hampers the effects of ketamine.  In fact, we have found those that cling to reality during their infusion struggle a lot more with anxiety.  The process of letting go can be scary.  Amy can help you let go, but will then leave the room.


Infusion Recovery.  This 30minute window of recovery is where the work can really be done.  This is the period where Amy can help you integrate and retain what you just experienced.


Post-Infusion.  You may want to schedule a 'regular' session with Amy 1-2days after your infusion…or match this up to your next infusion and repeat the process.


Psychedelic (ketamine) assisted therapy is a powerful enhancement tool.  Let our therapist guide you as you navigate the different realms of being human.  Release yourself from the weight of your pain and distress.

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